Week 14: Momming in the Middle

Sometimes these are so smooth I feel as if I've finally found that sweet spot.  Other times, I can barely breathe with the humidity.  My legs feel heavy, my music is all off and my mind won't clear enough to just let go and GO. This week was good, not great, but good.  This morning, … Continue reading Week 14: Momming in the Middle

Week 11: Small Victories

Today started like every other morning I need to run... racing the clock. I rushed to get Diem on the potty so we can continue on this "no accident" streak, I made  breakfast, got my kids to EAT the breakfast which takes an old priest and a young priest as it is, dressed all of … Continue reading Week 11: Small Victories

Week 6: Finding My Groove

The last couple weeks have been a learning curve of sorts.  I am still figuring out the balance between momming - training - writing - wife'ing but within each of those is another balancing act in itself.   While I LIKE to have some kind of outside activity to do with the girls, the heat … Continue reading Week 6: Finding My Groove

Week 4: Mind Over Matter

For the last 2 weeks I cleaned up my diet again and was relieved as hell to see that my stamina and mileage improved a TON!  I still have trouble with snacking on the bad things, but I'm human and training is tough.  The more you exercise/run, the more starving you feel ALL day long. … Continue reading Week 4: Mind Over Matter

Week 3: #gottheruns

This week proved that keeping a positive mind and outlook will yield good results!  Getting back on track with cleaner eating (I feel) also helped in keeping my mind clear and my runs stronger.   My kids seemed to know I was considering waking up a little earlier to get out before the heat rolled … Continue reading Week 3: #gottheruns

This Is How We Veg Out!

I have been asked many times to show my workouts on my blog however, I feel REALLY goofy doing that so I’m trying to figure out the least embarrassing way to film myself.  So, be patient… BUT - here are my must-have fresh foods that I shove into the fridge every week.  I do the … Continue reading This Is How We Veg Out!

#gottheruns: Week 2

This week could have been better, but I’m going to just focus on the fact that I put in the miles however pitiful they were.  I know everyone who runs religiously and everything you read says you need the carbs for energy and recovery, but they are just NOT my friend.  I find that my … Continue reading #gottheruns: Week 2