#gottheruns: Week 2

This week could have been better, but I’m going to just focus on the fact that I put in the miles however pitiful they were.  I know everyone who runs religiously and everything you read says you need the carbs for energy and recovery, but they are just NOT my friend.  I find that my … Continue reading #gottheruns: Week 2

Week 1: #gottheruns

Week 1 was not bad! It’s REALLY hot and humid, much sooner it seems this year than last, but I hit my goals and that’s all that matters.  I did have a friend recommend these hydration tablets which will come in handy the longer my runs get.  It’s so easy to get dehydrated in this … Continue reading Week 1: #gottheruns


A couple years ago my running style can only be described as sad.  Just really pitiful.  But I set small goals for myself over time and although what I did is probably not how most “runners” would progress, but I did what worked for me.  Like anything I do that is for “me” i work … Continue reading #gottheruns