The Terrible Threes

I don't know why or who ever coined the "terrible twos" but I would venture to guess their child was 2 and they used this phrase prematurely.  The twos are easy.  The twos are a walk in a magical park where fawns frolic across your path and fairies giggle with one another in the tree … Continue reading The Terrible Threes

Empowering Tiny Humans

We are entering the enlightening stage of childhood where Cori wants things.  Specific things.   She has skated through the last 4 years in ignorant bliss.  Commercials advertising the latest trends or sugary snacks that aren’t prepared by mom had not yet phased her.  I knew this day would come and had a couple of … Continue reading Empowering Tiny Humans

I’m A Fraud

Maybe it’s because for most of my adolescence my peers managed to remind me of every single flaw I had.  Ones that I didn’t even realize were flaws but just differences that either I was able to choose or not.  Regardless, I was a magnet for those who figured out how to dress and to … Continue reading I’m A Fraud

That Time Nobody Stood Alone

44 hours is all they had.  44 hours to prepare for a devastation nobody could have ever even imagined.  Just 44 hours.  It takes me longer than that to prepare for a weekend trip to Houston to visit family on a normal, clear day… and yet people expected a city… no… the ENTIRE coast of … Continue reading That Time Nobody Stood Alone

When the Powder Settles

I watched in horror as the remainder of the powder floated down from above my head.  How did it even get that high up?  It took a few seconds to register what was happening, but it clicked and all I could muster was… “What the hell are you guys thinking!?” Now, I normally don’t like … Continue reading When the Powder Settles