Playing The Long Game

“Oh, I have many weaknesses!” - said E. Lockhart when I asked her what she struggled with most and how she navigated through those road blocks as a new writer.  The words came out so quickly, so matter-of-fact as if her writing wasn't completely flawless and dream-like. She also said have not had. So, you’re telling me an … Continue reading Playing The Long Game

Don’t Tell Me That I Can’t

“If you don’t plan to make a career of this, don’t even bother.” That’s what a fellow writer said to me two years ago when I was given their contact just to ask for advice.  I was sitting on the first 13,000 words of my first manuscript.  No, it wasn’t complete.  I wasn’t anywhere near … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me That I Can’t

The Quiet Ones – Here We Go!

It’s that time again that I start begging strangers to appreciate my work! The Quiet Ones started with just a flicker of one “scene” in my mind back in July 2017 and since then, has grown into my second novel that I LOVED writing.  It’s very different from We All Fall Down, which makes me … Continue reading The Quiet Ones – Here We Go!

I’m A Fraud

Maybe it’s because for most of my adolescence my peers managed to remind me of every single flaw I had.  Ones that I didn’t even realize were flaws but just differences that either I was able to choose or not.  Regardless, I was a magnet for those who figured out how to dress and to … Continue reading I’m A Fraud

Real Fictional Characters

Character development is my absolutely FAVORITE part when it comes to starting on a new book.  Whether writing or reading, I love to see how an author chooses to introduce a character.  Molding them carefully only to reveal what they want and at the right times.  It’s a tricky process and it’s SO crucial because … Continue reading Real Fictional Characters

A Novel November

“So, how’s the book coming?”  Asks someone, looking at me, covered in children. It’s a very polite, engaging question that I know every writer must be asked about 3,469 times during the process of writing their manuscript.  We appreciate this question.  We adore the people who ask this question.  NOT because we want to brag … Continue reading A Novel November