Repurposed Canvas Frame


I had this bright blue painting hanging in our last house that I’d done when I was pregnant for Cori years ago and felt it was time to move on from it. I don’t like to waste things, especially knowing how expensive canvas’s can be but I didn’t really want a painting. I’m not a big “painting” person unless it has a meaning to me… I’m not going to go to Hobby Lobby or Homegoods for art (I do have a couple things, but not many at all).

SO! I decided to take the canvas off and use the frames! I originally wanted to use all 4 to make one big piece, but I couldn’t get the positioning right and it was going to annoy me, so I took the 2 longer ones and got to work!

I started with using that thin tool to remove all the billion staples then sanded down the choppy wood pieces that splintered from that. Next, I went with our staple gun and reinforced the corners because I noticed they were wanted to slip out of the connecting grooves.

Once that was done, I used the MinWax stain (also used on the shelves in our breakfast/kid area) and used the black sponge brush to stain the frames, then used paper towels to wipe the excess.  It didn’t need to be perfect because I was going over it with paint anyway.

DSC01393I had some leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint (which I love because it’s pretty and dries fast and requires zero prep work).  I actually wanted it to be Old White, but that had hardened from leaving it open too long (whoops!) so I went over and dry brushed with Cream, then dry bushed over that in Versailles and then I took a piece of sandpaper and just scrubbed lightly all around so it was VERY distressed.

Last, I attached the wreath. ALL of this was from things I had already – I have so many things to do in this house so anything I could just repurpose was the name of the game.

Hot glue was not my friend this time, I felt a bit betrayed, but I had some twine leftover from previous projects and used that to secure it on 4 places and just dapped a little hot glue on the knots to make sure they wouldn’t come undone later.

It felt a little plain once I hung it, so I threw some greenery on it to give it a little something extra and it worked!

I don’t like using a lot of color. I tend to stick with neutrals or natural elements so I’m happy with how this turned out. It’s currently in my dining room, I might move it somewhere else as time goes, but it’s definitely a piece that I’m keeping considering it took me all freakin day.

Staples in wood SUCK!


Floral Door


I lucked out and got this door frame at Homegoods and wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it until I got it home and realized it would go perfectly on the landing of our staircase! You can do this with a regular picture frame (If you follow me on insta, you may have seen the one I did for our master bathroom) or a window frame.

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some greenery, hydrangeas, lavender and some other filler greenery along with moss to make sure the cardboard didn’t show through in blank spaces. I had eucalyptus leaves leftover from another project (not my favorite but I didn’t want to spend anymore or make another trip because I didn’t like it – LAZY).

DSC01281Then, I just cut up some cardboard boxes that were sitting around from unpacking and used the hot glue gun to secure it on the backside as a backing on alternating spaces then I trimmed all the florals (as usual… easier to space things out more naturally) and glued them down!

The hydrangeas were initially going to fill the space, however I didn’t have enough so I used the leaves from the bunch to fill it in and I actually like it better this way.

I had not used moss before, it’s messy for sure but really came in handy and made it look so pretty, especially on the bottom one.


This is easily one of my favorite pieces yet! Mostly because it requires no watering (haha!)





To make this, I purchased the following:

2 – eucalyptus garlands

6-7 bunches of cream/pinkish flowers. 2 of each kind to trim and create little bouquets to space apart.

I have a hot glue gun already and wire cutters which are necessary to make this as painless as possible.

First, I just trimmed all the flowers off individually, keeping about 2-3 inches of stem to make sure I had enough to glue on, then trimmed more once the glue dried.

Then I proceeded to make the little bouquets and placed them about a foot or so apart along each garland.

I twisted the 2 together to make a thicker piece and plucked off excess eucalyptus leaves. And DONE!

Wall Decor





Fall Wreath






Cornucopia Centerpiece