Passion Over Fear

I have not interviewed in over 5 years and it is one of the worst things I can think of doing aside from accidentally nip-slipping in public. I do not like selling myself AT ALL and I have absolutely zero desire to sit and try to convince someone that I have a book they want … Continue reading Passion Over Fear

Where The Fig Tree Grows

My grandpa passed away while I was in college. I still vividly remember my dad's shaky voice when he called to tell me, unable to get the sentence out. It's the first time I'd ever heard him cry. I'd just visited my grandpa the week or so before and it was one of, if not … Continue reading Where The Fig Tree Grows

But, Why?

"Why do you want that? Do you want it because you really like it or because your friends have it?" My mother asked me this question so many times during my adolescence that I've lost count. I still remember how annoying it was and how I felt like it didn't matter. So what if a … Continue reading But, Why?

What’s My Age Again?

I just had to use a calculator to subtract 1987 from 2019 in order to determine how old I am. 32. I was never good at math. It feels like I was just writing down my goals for 2018 and here we are, another year, another list!  I was able to accomplish everything I hoped … Continue reading What’s My Age Again?

Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright

Having one child was a piece of cake. ALL of my love went into her and life was good!  I never had to worry about how my time and attention was divided because I had only her to focus on.  We knew we wanted to give her a sibling and right when I felt like … Continue reading Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright

A Long December!

Every morning I sit and write out my intentions for the day.  It gives me a chance to sort through my racing thoughts and makes everything seem a bit more "doable".  It's very easy to get overwhelmed this time of year and it's a mission of mine to not just make it all happen, but … Continue reading A Long December!

The Art of Saying “NO!”

In honor of transparency, I am sharing with you something that I'm oddly proud of. A criticism of my first novel - which is KIND of like a photo of myself naked hours after giving birth... but less gooey. Before I do this - I want to say a few things.  I never EVER have … Continue reading The Art of Saying “NO!”