The Terrible Threes

I don't know why or who ever coined the "terrible twos" but I would venture to guess their child was 2 and they used this phrase prematurely.  The twos are easy.  The twos are a walk in a magical park where fawns frolic across your path and fairies giggle with one another in the tree … Continue reading The Terrible Threes

Dear Diary… I Cannot Relate

I was sitting in the dance studio, trying to work on my manuscript while simultaneously watching my child pick her wedgie and scrolling instagram when I saw an article that said a famous actress won’t let her daughter(s) watch Little Mermaid and Cinderella because she doesn’t want them to give their voice up for a … Continue reading Dear Diary… I Cannot Relate

Decisions, Decisions

Writing is my release.  It's what I have always used, from a young age to express myself  and to work out stresses within my life that I wasn't all that comfortable saying out loud.  I did it before I ever really connected with the joy of reading - getting lost in someone else's story.   … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions