Week 14: Momming in the Middle

Sometimes these are so smooth I feel as if I've finally found that sweet spot.  Other times, I can barely breathe with the humidity.  My legs feel heavy, my music is all off and my mind won't clear enough to just let go and GO. This week was good, not great, but good.  This morning, … Continue reading Week 14: Momming in the Middle

Empowering Tiny Humans

We are entering the enlightening stage of childhood where Cori wants things.  Specific things.   She has skated through the last 4 years in ignorant bliss.  Commercials advertising the latest trends or sugary snacks that aren’t prepared by mom had not yet phased her.  I knew this day would come and had a couple of … Continue reading Empowering Tiny Humans

Week 11: Small Victories

Today started like every other morning I need to run... racing the clock. I rushed to get Diem on the potty so we can continue on this "no accident" streak, I made  breakfast, got my kids to EAT the breakfast which takes an old priest and a young priest as it is, dressed all of … Continue reading Week 11: Small Victories

It’s Happening Again…

I have put this off long enough.  Almost a year ago this month, I started on my second novel, The Quiet Ones.  I wanted to make it feel completely different than my first to prove (mostly to myself) that I could push myself creatively.  We All Fall Down will always be one of my favorite stories.  I … Continue reading It’s Happening Again…