Real Fictional Characters

Character development is my absolutely FAVORITE part when it comes to starting on a new book.  Whether writing or reading, I love to see how an author chooses to introduce a character.  Molding them carefully only to reveal what they want and at the right times.  It’s a tricky process and it’s SO crucial because … Continue reading Real Fictional Characters

What Happens Now?

I have no idea. I never really had a plan to be perfectly honest.  My husband and I had a discussion about what my expectations would be before I even started and I promised myself not to let my hopes get too high.  I am extremely sensitive so it’s VERY easy for me to get … Continue reading What Happens Now?

Crossing The Finish Line!

It started as a 10-page assignment for my scriptwriting class and somehow over the course of a year, morphed into a novel.  I had to make adjustments along the way.  I’ve always loved writing but never thought I did anything worth nurturing until that professor encouraged me in a way I’ll never forget.  I did … Continue reading Crossing The Finish Line!

Unsolicited Advice With A Smile

I saw you mama.  I saw your unwashed hair and the dark circles under your eyes that matched the ones I carried just a few days ago.  I watched your toddler screeching, leaning over the side of your shopping cart insisting on a toy that you refused to buy.  Dad probably would have given in, … Continue reading Unsolicited Advice With A Smile