About Me

Aimee grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, TX.  Majoring in Media Production she began with a dream of being behind the scenes of the media/writing world. Too fearful at the time to venture off to another city where everyone didn’t know her name, she began an internship with a local media company where she quickly learned that world was not for her. Graduating from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in Communications, minoring in English, and no earthly clue what to do, she did what many bright-eyed, fresh-out-the-womb of college people do! She was unemployed.

After the break-up with media and emotionally eating all the Reese’s for a short while in 2010, she moved to Lafayette, LA with her husband and started working a nine-to-five.  She was missing the creativity and desperately wanted the passion back, especially after having her girls. There is more to offer than just bringing home the proverbial bacon!

A pet peeve of hers is making excuses or placing blame on others for why your life isn’t what you imagined. Having children can be difficult in any family dynamic but in hers, she found inspiration. Why NOT write, now? Without the pressure of needing to make money and without the shroud of guilt and even embarrassment of admitting she wanted to be a writer, she decided to just do it. So, once again, she changed her personal goals/expectations and slapped another ‘job’ on her resume.  She has truly enjoyed this chapter of life and teaching her girls that success can include both work and play. That being a stay-at-home mother is not a death sentence for passion and creativity.

After many, many rejections, Aimee decided to self-publish her first novel that began as a project for a class in college. Not wanting to stop there and feeling so fulfilled in the process, she decided to write more… and more. She is still searching for an agent but challenges herself to find joy in the balancing act that is being wife and mom while learning and connecting with others along this journey to traditional publication!